Meet the Founder

Tiffany Finley founded My Predestined One in February, 2016. My Predestined One, formerly only a blog known as "Waiting on Our Predestined One," began its conception in 2012 after a year of trying to conceive due to an infertility diagnosis. The blog helped Tiffany to continue to push forward in her pursuit of motherhood and to trust God’s plan for her. It provided an outlet for her to share frustrations, joys, and encouragement with others while on her journey.  After 13 long months of trying, Tiffany and her husband finally conceived their predestined miracle-Caleb who was birthed into this world a 25 week micro-preemie. During her time as a stay-at-home mother to care for him, God began speaking to her about supporting other women who have been diagnosed infertile or are unexpectedly spending their baby's first months of life in a NICU.  
Since that time, she’s felt compelled to share and speak about her struggles with an infertility diagnosis, and her life as a mother of a micro-preemie to help and encourage other women to fight with faith, and trust God’s plan and timing and to know that they are not alone. In honor of her son whose life reminds her daily to be strong, brave, and to fight,  My Predestined One was birthed solely for the purpose of building a community of support, providing resources, and education for all fellow fertility and preemie mom warriors who are fighting alongside their predestined one (baby), or still waiting for their predestined one. 
Tiffany is happily married to her loving husband, Derek, of  8 years. She enjoys spending time with her family, reading, singing, writing, traveling, binge wathcing netflix shows, and blogging. She is writer and blogger over at She is also co-author of “Letters to My Sisters: Teach. Empower. Apply.